Thumb Wrestling

Thumb Wrestling is a fun game for all ages! This exciting game recreates the experience of real thumb wrestling in a new way on the iPhone. The unique and intuitive controls mimic how you thumb wrestle for real and make for a challenging and satisfying action game. You can match skills against the computer opponent or challenge your friends playing on a single iPhone or using two iPhones with wireless Bluetooth networking. A quick match of Thumb Wrestling is always a decisive way to settle a choice with friends. The colorful, cartoon style graphics give you options to play with a variety of human, creature, and robotic thumbs. Get your copy of Thumb Wrestling now to see how much fun a match can be!

  • Unique gameplay
  • Intuitive controls that mimic real thumb wrestling
  • Several different human, creature and robotic player thumbs to choose from
  • Colorful and attractive cartoon style graphics
  • Fun sound effects
  • Computer opponent with 3 skill levels
  • Two player versus play on a single device
  • Two player versus play over Bluetooth networking with two devices

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