Backup & Restore

Written Down can save a backup of all your journals and entries as a .wdbkup file that you can restore from later.

To save a backup:

Go to Settings Gear ⇨ Backup & Restore. Choose Save a backup and save the .wdbkup file somewhere. The backup file contains all journals, entries and photos currently in the app.

To restore a backup:

Go to Settings Gear ⇨ Backup & Restore. Choose Restore a backup and open a .wdbkup file that you saved previously.

When you restore a backup Written Down will create a new journal for every journal that was saved in the backup file. Existing journals in the app will not be modified or replaced. If you currently have a journal in the app that was also saved in the backup there will be two copies of the journal after the restore. You can always delete the version of a journal you don’t want to keep either before or after doing a restore.

Any journals created through a restore will have to be re-synced with iCloud since they are technically new journals. Also, any journals you were sharing with others through iCloud when you made the backup file will no longer be shared when they are restored.