Import & Export


You can export your journals as plain text or JSON. Written Down will save out a .zip file with all of your journals and entries in whichever format you choose. In Written Down app go to Settings Gear ⇨ Import & Export and choose from the available export formats.

Plain Text

This format is a human readable plain text format that can be opened with most text editing and word processing apps. A single text file for each journal containing all entries is saved. Photos are saved in a subfolder and linked to in the corresponding entry text using Markdown syntax.


This format is for developers and may be useful to convert journal entries to other formats for use outside of Written Down. The JSON data files contain all the details of your journals, entries and photos that Written Down has.


Import from Day One

Written Down can import journals, entries and photos exported in the JSON format from Day One version 2.0 and later. Export your entries from Day One in the JSON format by following the instructions here. Save the .zip file Day One creates somewhere you can access using iOS such as iCloud Drive, Dropbox etc. In Written Down app go to Settings Gear ⇨ Import & Export ⇨ Import Day One JSON. Select the .zip file of journals you exported from Day One. A new journal will be created in Written Down for each journal that was included in the Day One export.