Passcode Lock

You can enable passcode lock for Written Down app if you have a Premium Subscription. To add a passcode go to Settings GearPasscodeTurn Passcode On. Then enter and verify your passcode. After you have turned on passcode lock you will need to enter your passcode or authenticate with Touch ID / Face ID every time you open Written Down.

You have the option of a 4 digit numerical Simple Passcode, or an alphanumeric passphrase.

You can also choose to allow the passcode to be unlocked via Touch ID or Face ID depending on the biometric features of your device.

Important: we cannot reset your passcode!

The passcode is meant to securely protect access to Written Down and the journal data stored on your device. The passcode is hashed and stored securely in the iOS keychain on your device so we don’t have any way to access or reset it for you. The only way to reset a passcode is to delete Written Down app from your device and reinstall from the App Store. When you delete Written Down, all of the data in the app on your device is also deleted.

If you have your journals synced to iCloud they will be downloaded from your account again after you reinstall the app.

If you have iCloud turned off for Written Down in iOS iCloud settings and your journals are not synced to your account, then your journals are not recoverable without your passcode.

Don’t forget your passcode!