Sync & Sharing

Sync is automatically enabled if you have purchased a Written Down Premium subscription. Your journals will stay in sync across all your iOS devices that are signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID. There is no other sign-in or account required. If you want to disable sync on a device, go to iCloud for your Apple ID account in the iOS Settings app and disable the switch beside Written Down.


The team at Tinkerbuilt has no way to access to your data or account credentials. All data in Written Down is stored securely on your iOS device and synced securely via Apple CloudKit using your private iCloud account. Information sent to and from from iCloud is transmitted using SSL encryption. The data stored in your iCloud account is encrypted using your iCloud credentials. For more details on iCloud security see the iCloud Security Overview and the iOS Security Guide. We may collect anonymous usage data to help us improve Written Down but none of your private journal content is ever included.


You can invite others to share journals via iCloud. To share a journal, edit the journal by tapping the ... button. Then tap the share invite button in the navigation bar at the top left of the screen to send an invite to someone. Once they accept the invite, you can both add, remove and edit entries in the shared journal on all your devices signed in to iCloud. You can add & remove people or stop sharing by editing a journal and tapping the share invite button later. Shared journals are displayed in Written Down with an icon next to the journal name to indicate that they are shared.

Sharing limits

Only the owner is allowed to delete a shared journal.

Maximum combined number of entries & photos from all contributors contained in any one shared journal is limited to 5000.