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Your journal everywhere you go.

Written Down

Your journal everywhere you go.


Written Down is a journaling app for iPhone & iPad. It is a simple and modern way to journal everywhere you go. Journals sync quickly, privately and securely across all your iOS devices via iCloud. You can collaborate with family and friends by sharing journals that sync privately via iCloud. Lock your journals to keep them private and secure using a passcode with support for unlock using Touch ID or Face ID. Pick your own journal colors, icons, and backgrounds. Choose different app themes, colors and typography to customize and make Written Down beautifully yours. Entries are enriched with details such as time, date, location and weather as you add to your journals. You can add tags to categorize and search your entries by topic, feeling, interest, activity, goal, people and more. Written Down is free for 1 journal. Upgrade to Written Down Premium by purchasing a single reasonably priced subscription to get unlimited journals, sync, journal sharing, themes, and more.

What makes Written Down different?

  • Other apps require you to trust another 3rd party with your private data. Written Down uses iCloud for fast and secure data sync across your iOS devices. You already trust Apple to keep your data secure. This way no one else has access to your private journal data, including us.
  • Other apps don't let you work together when you need to. With Written Down you can invite other iOS users to collaborate and share journals privately via iCloud. No other journaling app lets you collaborate this easily.
  • Other journaling apps are often complicated and expensive. Written Down is free for 1 journal with a reasonable subscription price to activate all premium features on all your iOS devices. It is a simple, easy to use app. Even though we have many more features planned for the future we won't let it get complicated to use.


  • Unlimited entries
  • Unlimited journals
  • Unlimited photos
  • Sync quickly, privately and securely across devices via iCloud
  • Collaborate and share journals privately with others via iCloud
  • Passcode lock with support for Touch ID or Face ID unlock
  • Entry reminders with notifications
  • Import and export formats
  • Backup and restore
  • Location added to entries
  • Add temperature and weather to entries
  • Tag entries to categorize and search
  • Search and browse entries by text, tag or date
  • Choose your own journal colors, icons, and backgrounds
  • App themes (including light and dark night themes)
  • Over 15 app typography choices
  • iOS Dynamic type size supported
  • iOS Smart invert supported


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